Family - 1999

Here are the family pictures taken in 1999.
At Easter my mom and dad and me spent the weekend with my sister and her family.

My brother-in-law Philippe made dinner, which we thoroughly enjoyed.

Chef Miss Me, Sister & Mom Dad (& toys ?)
Me, Mom, Sister
& coffee
Dad and (his ?) toys :)

The next day the boys first had to search for the Easter-eggs in the garden.
Later-on my sister had to kiss the winners of a national cycle-race (it's her job :) so I watched the boys and they watched mom kiss strange men on TV :)

Searching Eggs Mom on... ...TV
Searching Eggs Mom on TV

The rest of the day was spent eating and playing.
Just Yankee, their New-Foundland-er didn't want to play.

Laurens Sebastiaan Laurens & Sebastiaan Yankee
Laurens Sebastiaan Laurens & Sebastiaan Yankee