Me 1990-ies


We're now getting a bit closer to this day and age.
In march of 1990 I got into a rather nasty accident. Although there are no scary pics on that page, parental guidance might be advised...
As you can see, I'm still Smiling smiling :)


This picture, showing me in a most charming position, Sleeping was taken during a holiday with the family in the Belgian Ardennes.
On of the reasons there aren't that many more recent pictures of me on here is that I don't stick to paper to well :)


Duplicate again. Swiss94 This was taken by my dad somewhere high up in the mountains of the Swiss Alps.


And here I am showing my house to a friend who was taking the picture.
The beautiful view Look... out (and silly guy with cap :) and inside ...At That !
Notice how my 'lumberjack' shirt blends right in with the plaid on the (old) couch :)


In june of 1999 I made a a trip to San Francisco and California. Here is the report of this road trip.

So, do you ask, after seeing me in plain clothes all the time, do I ever dress up ?
Well hardly. But for my boss's wedding the invitation stated that the dresscode was 'Flamboyant and dressy', so I was :) Weddngjl991.jpg (176363 bytes)
After the party there was a 'afterparty'. At it you see me next to the bride's mother. Weddngjl993_Anne_Lee.jpg (183938 bytes) Later that evening we got int a more serious discussion in the kitchen, trying to define what it is that makes a real man a Real Man. weddngjl992.jpg (46903 bytes)