Are You Afraid of Success?

At one point I ran into a site with all kind of tests;

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0.5 out of 10
less afraid more afraid

Based on your score, you seem to have a healthy outlook on the pressures that accompany success. As we all know, achievement often leads to greater responsibilities. While assuming new challenges can sometimes feel intimidating, you seem to have confidence in your ability to grow with these changes. Perhaps you recognize that perfection is an elusive goal and that hard work always leads to something good; or perhaps you're already perfect! In any case, your attitude toward success is very positive.


3 out of 10
less afraid more afraid

Success can also bring social consequences. Achievement may inspire envy, and dedication might create tensions among family and friends. Based on your responses, you do not seem overly concerned with the isolation that success sometimes creates. While this may reflect a healthy concern for one's own goals, it is important not to exclude those around us.



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