How Much Do You Blush?

At one point I ran into a site with all kind of tests;

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1.5 out of 10
less embarrassed more embarrassed

You do not have a bashful bone in your body! You are comfortable exposing all sides of yourself at work, even the ones that should be kept in the privacy of your own home. You probably take embarrassment in stride, and are nearly unaffected by situations that can petrify others. Maybe you should try to conceal some of your more unattractive habits and put your best foot forward in the workplace.


1.5 out of 10
less embarrassed more embarrassed

You have no shame! In a social situation, it takes a lot to make you blush. You are not easily embarrassed by situations in which you are caught off guard or look foolish. You are probably able to laugh them off and move past them quickly and easily. Chances are you are not very concerned about how you are perceived by others, and you allow yourself lots of room for error and clumsiness. Although it is a great accomplishment to be unaffected by embarrassing situations, it might be beneficial for you to get in touch with humility every once in a while.


2 out of 10
less embarrassed more embarrassed

You are a rare breed. It appears that you feel comfortable doing almost anything in front of almost anybody. You might be unaware of what is an inappropriate situation for a romantic scenario. In fact, your lack of embarrassment might be misleading and reveal that these accidents and uncommon situations might be the norm for you. Although it is a great quality to be confident enough to blow off these experiences, it might be beneficial for you to acknowledge these situations as humorous and slightly embarrassing in order to not turn-off your suitors.



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