The Casanova Test

At one point I ran into a site with all kind of tests;

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8.5 out of 10
less romantic more romantic

You are full of fun and romantic energy! Most likely, you spice up your relationship with sweet and impulsive acts. You probably enjoy surprising and doting on your partner. You tend to incorporate a playful type of romanticism into your relationship, through which you and your partner can more intimately enjoy each other. You are probably a very giving partner, and are most likely eager to express your excitement about your relationship.


4.5 out of 10
less romantic more romantic

Although you are not a die-hard romantic, you do have a definite emotional side. Chances are you are willing to expose your sensitive side to your partner through your actions; however, the extent of your expression has boundaries. You are probably comfortable declaring your affection in sweet and meaningful ways, but you do not feel the need to be constantly expressive to prove to your partner how much you care. Most likely, you believe that there are other ways to show love, respect and admiration besides what society considers "romantic."

The Deep End

5 out of 10
less romantic more romantic

Although you probably don't heedlessly pour on loving words, hopeful promises, and doting acts, you most likely enjoy expressing the depth of your feelings through profound emotional words and actions. It is probably important to you to be passionately romantic without becoming excessively sentimental. Most likely, conveying love to your partner falls high on your list of priorities, and you probably cherish the connection you feel with your partner when you express its depth. You tend to enjoy being part of a couple, and you try to frequently invent new ways of expressing your love.



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