The Dot-Com Test

At one point I ran into a site with all kind of tests;

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6 out of 10
less dot-commie more dot-commie

Looks like you might've caught that internet bug! The dot-com world is like no other - fun, fast-paced, with lots of risk. Your answers reveal a genuine interest to jump on board, but there are a few aspects of the web-world that are holding you back. All in all, you appear undaunted by the crazy hours, hectic schedules, and uncertain future that inevitably come with a dot-com. Moreover, job security and stability don't seem to phase you too much. Despite any hesitations, you probably find that there's something cool and exciting about working under high stakes employment - it brings out the competitor in you. In a dot-com, the risk is high, but the potential payoff is great. To succeed in this environment, you've got to be a real team-player. You need to be someone who understands that working in a dot-com means giving up a lot of your personal time and space. Based on your answers, you're clearly leaning toward making that leap. The creative aspects of your job, the enthusiastic environment, and the professional autonomy you gain often compensate for any sacrifice. You seem to have that edge that is critical to make it in this web-based world. Now you've just got to put it to work!



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