What's Your Emotional Age?

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There are countless reasons why people may act or feel a certain age at any given point in their lives. Feeling a certain age is not a static thing, nor is it something that always follows a pre-determined pattern. Some people act older when they are children then have a second childhood in their retirement years. Others act like children until they become parents and then seem to click into a different mode. It can be helpful and insightful to learn which stage you're at right now, and why.

Nobody fits neatly into a given category. There are several components to one's emotional age: behavior, feelings, and responsibility. In the area of behavior, you seem to fall into the "adolescent" category. This means that you're probably very focused on your immediate environment. The positive qualities of being an "adolescent" are an easy-going attitude and a willingness to try many things that "older" people shy away from. Your sense of adventure and risk-taking is probably strong. This reveals your exciting and fun sides. This may mean, however, that you find a thrill in rebelling. Doing things that you "shouldn't" can lead to trouble, so be careful! Due to the egocentric nature of adolescence, it might sometimes be difficult for you to see how your actions can affect others.


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In the realm of emotions, you seem to fall into the "adolescent" category. This means that you sometimes express your emotions without thinking about the effect they have on other people. It can also mean that you are extremely self-conscious and worried about what other people think of you. Adolescents are notorious for being influenced by peer pressure and societal standards. Adolescents may also often be moody and withdrawn and have a hard time making emotional commitments. Adolescents also display, however, great creativity. They feel passionately about many different things in their lives. Your passion for life probably comes through in your emotional reactions.


4.5 out of 10
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When it comes to the level of responsibility you assume, you fall into the "adolescent" category. This means that you might not be someone who is considered dependable, except perhaps in a crisis. Adolescent behavior typically has little concern for the consequences of their own actions. Adolescents usually avoid most commitments. This tendency is not conducive to developing trusting and enduring relationships.



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