Eat to Live or Live to Eat

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When You Eat

5.5 out of 10
less healthy more healthy

There are three components to healthy eating: when, what, and how. You seem to have a slight problem with "when" you eat your food. This could indicate that you do not eat on a regular schedule or are not consistent with how much you eat at one sitting. This can be problematic because your body probably doesn't know when you will be eating and when it should start metabolizing what you put in it. This can lead to a slow or inefficient metabolism, which means your body may not be efficiently using the food you are giving it. The best thing to do is to get on a regular schedule of eating and to spread out the food you eat over the day.

What You Eat

3.5 out of 10
less healthy more healthy

The second component to healthy eating is "what", and you seem to have some problems and inconsistency in this area. What you put in your body will determine how efficiently it gets you through your days. You probably eat healthy food sometimes and not-so-healthy food at other times. If you are not eating the kinds of food that are good for you and that your body needs, you might be at risk of developing health problems, or at the least, being worn out and having a body that is working inefficiently. You need to be a bit more aware of what is good for you and what isn't and start taking better care of your body. But remember that change takes time, so don't try to change all of your patterns and habits at once. Do it at a pace that will result in permanent change. Eliminating one bad habit for the rest of your life is better than eliminating a lot of them for a few days before you give up and take them all up again!

How You Eat

6 out of 10
less healthy more healthy

The third component of healthy eating is "how" you eat. This refers to your intake habits - how much you eat at a time. You seem to have some minor problems in this area! This probably means that you sometimes skip meals, eat one big meal a day, and eat quickly. These are all habits that are unhealthy and do not benefit your body. You need to learn to space out your eating throughout the day, eat regularly, and slow down when you are eating! That is the only way your body can efficiently deal with the fuel you are giving it. So, although you are doing the right thing some of the time, you need to learn to do it all of the time.



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