Are You a Fair-Weather Friend?

At one point I ran into a site with all kind of tests;

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9 out of 10
less communicative more communicative

You rank very high in your ability to communicate with your friends. You are probably able to clearly articulate your thoughts, and you tend to value emotionally expressive people in your life. Most likely, you are straightforward out of respect for the people with whom you are close, and you expect the same consideration in return.


9 out of 10
less loyal more loyal

Whoever said "blood is thicker than water" obviously didn't know you! You take your commitment to your relationships very seriously, and you respect and value those individuals in your life. Loyalty is very important to you, and you should be sure to point out your approach to your friends, so that they don't end up disappointing you with a lower than expected commitment.


5 out of 10
less empathic more empathic

Although you are probably a very caring and thoughtful friend, it might not be too natural for you to put yourself in someone else's shoes. You have a tendency to provide a significant amount of comfort to those whom you care about, but you may not always feel at ease playing that role.


7.5 out of 10
less fun more fun

Most likely, you waver between being the social motivator and the one who needs to be bitten by the fun bug. You are probably a cheerful and energetic friend who loves to have a good time, but you might also equally value your "down time" or alone time.



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