What's Your Fashion Sense?

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Image Issues

3 out of 10
less image-conscious more image-conscious

You don't spend much time cultivating your image through clothing. In your mind, style is not as much a genuine form of expression as it is a sort of obligation. You can probably pick out an outfit in the morning without much thought, and your shopping routine is relatively indiscriminate. You may not put too much effort into creating a "look" for yourself. In your mind, perhaps, style is neither a way of revealing or disguising yourself. Recall, however, that clothing is a form of communication, and there's a code to everything you wear. So, if you want to express another side of yourself, try dressing for the part. Remember that your style can define you.

Questions of Quality

0.5 out of 10
less label-oriented more label-oriented

Shakespeare posed the question first, but you ask yourself as well, "What's in a name?" Based on your responses, you pick clothes with no regard to their brand name; whether a piece of clothing has currency in the fashion world makes hardly a difference to you. More likely, you're pragmatic and like something based on its style and price. Fashion may be the business of distinction, but you prefer to set your own standards.

Questions of Quantity

4 out of 10
less is better more is better

Some people need to own outfits for every mood, but your approach is a bit more conservative. Maybe you've found the perfect solution, and you can express several different moods at once. More likely you just hate shopping as much as the rest of us do. This minimalist approach to clothing may not win you awards with the fashion police, but the savings should not be underestimated. On the other hand, maybe it's time to liven up the closet a bit. Who knows? -- if you find something nice, perhaps you'll discover a mood that you've been missing all this time.



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