Do You Feel for Others?

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6.5 out of 10
less empathy more empathy

Chances are that the manner in which you respond to someone's happiness greatly depends upon your mood. There are probably times when a person's smile or laughter seems contagious, and you cannot help but join them in their revelry. If you are in a bad mood, however, someone else's pleasure will probably not lift your spirits. You are reasonably tuned in to the emotions of others, and you find satisfaction in seeing other people happy. Empathy is a skill that is beneficial not only to the person with whom you are relating, but to yourself as well. If you maintain and increase your level of empathy, you will improve your quality of life!


6 out of 10
less empathy more empathy

You are probably someone who maintains a healthy balance between your empathy for others and your concerns for yourself. This means that there are times when you are empathetic and times when you have no patience for the problems of others. Most likely, you are comfortable dealing with emotions, whether they are yours or someone else's. You tend to be in touch with your feelings, and perhaps you can be brought to tears under certain circumstances. Chances are that you are a very respected and respectful friend.


4 out of 10
less empathy more empathy

It is very difficult for you to ignore the pain and suffering of others, but it probably does not prevent you from taking care of yourself. Even though you are a very involved and caring friend, you are most likely able to separate your feelings from the feelings of those whom you are close to. You tend to be extremely affected by others' misfortunes, but you are able to block out their problems sufficiently and move on with your day. You have found a good balance between empathy and emotional independence.



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