Are You a Grudge Holder?

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Grudges Against Acquaintances

0 out of 10
less resentful more resentful

Congratulations! It looks like you don't harbor much negativity toward acquaintances who may have treated you unfairly in the past. You probably recognize that they had only a distant relationship with you and didn't realize that their actions could have caused you any harm or grief. In this way, you are adept at turning bothersome events into faint memories. Your ability to release resentment and move past these situations is a real talent.

Grudges Against Peers

1 out of 10
less resentful more resentful

Grudges??? Chances are that you are talented at forgiving and forgetting. You probably do not keep a mental file cabinet of past hurts, and you are able to move past unpleasant events that no longer have relevance to your life. You, most likely, recognize that eliminating the burden of grudges can genuinely improve the quality of your relationships and your life.

Grudges Against Your Partner

5.5 out of 10
less resentful more resentful

When it comes to your partner, you don't leave much room for error! You probably still recall much of what your past or current boyfriends/girlfriends have done to hurt or disappoint you. These events are probably well set in your mind, and they may serve as your ammunition during disputes. Recall that harboring these resentments requires a lot of mental energy, and it may be more of a relief to just let them slide. The power of forgiving can make your relationship healthier and more lighthearted.



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