Are You Loony?

At one point I ran into a site with all kind of tests;

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5 out of 10
less loony more loony

There are people whose actions often cause other people to think, "What a nut!" You can probably be one of those people sometimes. There are occasions when you might do things just to get a reaction out of other people. Some of these actions could make your friends and family just shake their heads and smile. You probably also show, however, some level of restraint. If you do do something a little crazy, you have probably thought through the consequences first before you go ahead and enjoy yourself.


6.5 out of 10
less emotional more emotional

Seems that you could have a tendency to be out of control in a fun way sometimes, but not all ways. There are probably some situations in which you are willing to step out of normally acceptable bounds to get across your point. There may also be situations in which you are willing to do some loony things for the sake of your emotions, or to express your emotions to others, and other times in which you remain in control. This level of moderation probably serves you well because you are someone who enjoys the benefits of both letting go and holding back.


6 out of 10
less public more public

In terms of public and physical looniness, you seem to be pretty moderate. This could mean that you sometimes enjoy doing things that other people think are goofy or off the wall, although you also temper these actions with less loony behavior. This behavior pattern could imply a desire for some, although not too much, crazy fun and excitement in your life. There are probably some times when you desire and seek goofy fun and excitement, and others in which you prefer to be calmer and more serious. This dual emphasis implies a level of balance and moderation in your public behavior. You probably recognize that your moderation can give you both the "insanity" that you love and the respect you need.



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