The Love Test

At one point I ran into a site with all kind of tests;

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The Deep End

5.5 out of 10
less romantic more romantic

Although you probably don't pour on sweet words, hopeful promises, and doting acts, you most likely enjoy expressing your more profound feelings of love. It is probably important to you to be passionately romantic, without being excessively so. Most likely, conveying the depth of your feelings to your partner falls high on your list of priorities, and you probably cherish the connection you feel with your partner. You tend to enjoy being part of a couple, and you try to frequently invent new ways of expressing your love.


1.5 out of 10
less romantic more romantic

Chances are you are far from a passionately romantic woman. You might view caring and meaningful words and actions as unnecessary and somewhat ridiculous. You probably do not see the purpose in expressing caring words, except possibly to embarrass yourself for the benefit of someone else. Most likely you do not like to flaunt your feelings toward your partner, and you have confidence that your emotions will be accurately relayed to your partner using methods other than "romance."


6.5 out of 10
less romantic more romantic

You probably incorporate fun and energetic romanticism into your relationship, but you balance it with a strong dose of pragmatism. Chances are you do not feel that it is imperative to always show your partner how you feel. However, when you want to express your love through your actions, you probably have a natural sense of how to be romantic. Your occasional sweet and impulsive acts most likely spice up your relationship.



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