Are You Ready to be a Mom?

At one point I ran into a site with all kind of tests;

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Looks like you're almost ready to change your name to "mommy," but you've got a few hesitations battling those inclinations. It's important that you recognize those concerns. Are you worried about not knowing how to be a mom, or is it that you might not be ready to turn your life upside-down just yet? If it's the former, then put your mind at ease. Once you've got the maternal instincts - and a great support network - then the rest will come naturally. No one knows how to do it until they're actually put in the situation. So, don't let that be your sole deterrent. However, if you are concerned that you are not emotionally ready, or not too keen on restructuring your lifestyle, then maybe it's a good idea to hold off for a bit. On the other hand, does the thought of knowing all the words to the latest children's songs make you giddy? Do you browse through Baby Gap just to see how tiny jeans and sweaters can be? Does watching a toddler dance erase your stresses for the moment? If your answers are "yes," you just might be ready to purchase that baby carriage and get busy in the bedroom!



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