Are You a Natural Leader?

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6.5 out of 10
less leadership-skill more leadership-skill

A real leader! Your leadership skills are quite strong. In many situations, your influence will greatly improve things, so don't be shy! You show a solid combination of positive leadership traits - ranging from organizational skills to communication skills. These make you a great resource in the workplace, someone who people can look toward for guidance and direction. Still, there are a few areas where you fall a little short. Based on your overall score, you can probably compensate through other talents. Nevertheless, if you want to brush up on those shortcomings, check out your scores below:


4 out of 10
less organized more organized

Let's get it together! Your organizational skills might need some work. No matter what kind of job you're doing, the ability to organize yourself lets you spend your time on what's important. Keeping things in the right place, means that you can move more quickly, and more efficient and productive in the workplace.


6.5 out of 10
less efficient more efficient

Do it once, and make it count! Your talent for efficiency translates into great leadership potential. You have a keen understanding for the work process, and know how to make things happen. While others are still spinning their wheels, you've got the rubber to the road. Your efficient style and solid follow-through means you are a great work leader.


8 out of 10
less team-oriented more team-oriented

Go team go! You have a great sense of teamwork. The ability to communicate with others, and work closely with them, is essential to good leadership. This skill becomes the foundation of all interactions with your co-workers, and can set the tone for your workplace. Your talent for teamwork means you've got a real solid leadership skill.


8.5 out of 10
less confident more confident

You are a born leader…and you know it! Confidence is a very important part of leadership. It's more than just feeling sure of yourself. It's about tackling new situations without being weighed down by doubts. Your strong confidence level lets you focus your energies on success, and fulfill the role of a leader.



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