What Kind of Reporter Are You?

At one point I ran into a site with all kind of tests; http://ww.emode.com.

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5 out of 10
less aggressive more aggressive

You appear to have a strong drive to "get the story," tempered perhaps by sound judgment . You may recognize the importance of a dispassionate attitude for newsgathering, but you remain grounded by other considerations. Although you have a strong desire to uncover the facts, it is not at any price.


5 out of 10
less investigative more investigative

In addition, you seem to have a reasonably aggressive approach to investigative newsgathering, as another component of your reporting style. Although you may not pursue a source of information to the most extreme limits, you probably have an strong desire to get to the bottom of things. This sort of reporting is essential to uncovering a good story, and probably gives you a competitive advantage.


6.5  out of 10
less intuitive more intuitive

Lastly, you seem to have a solid instinct for uncovering where a story may lie. You seem to have a good understanding of human nature and the hidden motives within any situation. At the same time, you may not be entirely willing to pursue a good "hunch." To be sure, newsgathering requires a the sober pursuit of facts balanced against a well-developed sense of intuition. You seem to possess both of these traits.



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