Are You a Risk Taker?

At one point I ran into a site with all kind of tests;

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5.5 out of 10
less silly more silly

Seems that you sometimes like to do things that are silly and off-the-wall, but not all the time. This could indicate that you seek some level of fun excitement in your risk-taking, although you tend to do it in moderation. There are times when doing things that other people think are goofy is not a problem for you, and other times when you prefer to take the safer, calmer route.


10 out of 10
less dangerous more dangerous

In the physical danger department, you seem to be a pretty big risk taker! This could indicate a strong desire for excitement and new things in your life. There are probably few things that you won't try once, and you are probably known for being the one at the front of the line. However, this tendency needs to be moderated with some common sense - be sure to be safe in your risk-taking and not risk you neck!


7 out of 10
less emotional more emotional

Boy are you an emotional risk taker! There are many big emotional projects in life that some people are afraid to undertake, but you don't appear to be one of these people. Seems that you are often willing to take on big life-changing emotional challenges. Approached properly, they can be exciting, fulfilling, and really give you a boost on your life's journey. Make sure you don't undertake them all at once!



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