What's Your Self Esteem?

At one point I ran into a site with all kind of tests; http://ww.emode.com.

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8.5 out of 10
low self esteem high self esteem

According to this test, you have very high self-esteem. Keep it up and value it!
You seem to be someone who believes in yourself and projects a sense of confidence and assuredness.
You are probably someone who realizes that everyone has self-doubt sometimes, but you don't let it get you down.
You know that everyone makes mistakes and has some failures, so when it does happen to you, you just pick yourself up and move on to the next thing.
This is a wonderful trait because success is a self-fulfilling prophecy as much as failure is.
If you expect to do well, it is more likely that you will!
Your expectations of success probably affect how much effort you are willing to put into projects and into your own self-growth.
You have learned that investing in and believing in yourself brings many wonderful long-term results. So keep up the good work!


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