Do You Love the Spotlight?

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Listen To Me

5 out of 10
less need to be heard more need to be heard

While you don't seem to need the undivided attention of others in order to feel appreciated, neither do you avoid receiving attention from others. When you're in the right mood, you are probably an enthusiastic and engaging storyteller. Chances are that you are considered outgoing and fun by those who know you. Most likely, you participate in both the speaking and listening aspects of interaction, and you are able to share center stage quite well. Your mood might dictate which role you are inclined to take at any given moment.

Because you sometimes love to hear the sound of your own voice, be cautious not to become overbearing in your storytelling. If you blur the line between fact and fiction by exaggerating too much, you might destroy your credibility and lose the trust of your audience. Keep in mind that everyone likes a good joke or story once in a while; as long as you're careful not to steal the entire show, go ahead and show off!

Look At Me

5 out of 10
less need to be seen more need to be seen

You might enjoy the spotlight, but you do not crave it all of the time. In fact, there are probably many periods when you might avoid calling attention to yourself. Most likely, you don't need to be the center attraction every time you walk into a room. Rather, you'd often prefer just to blend in with the crowd. When the mood strikes you, however, you are probably a natural performer.

Maybe you know how to work a crowd, and you may seek others' approval. Try to make sure that your self-esteem is not based on the attention you get from others. As long as your behavior does not demand too much energy from those around you, you are probably a fun, entertaining, yet grounded person.

Comfort Me

4 out of 10
less need to be loved more need to be loved

Although you may not believe that the world stops when you have a problem, you sometimes feel a right to the attention of others. You should be careful about the demands this craving for attention places upon your friends and family. To consistently demand the undivided attention of others requires a great deal of energy from them. So be careful to gauge how much attention can reasonably be expected.

If your craving for attention reflects your good intentions, then your energy and expressiveness can comfort and stimulate others. Just make sure that your outgoing nature is not overbearing or selfish. Rather it should be enjoyable and lighthearted.



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