What's Your Stress Limit

At one point I ran into a site with all kind of tests; http://ww.emode.com.

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1.5 out of 10
less stressed more stressed

You show absolutely no signs of burnout. People who score as low as you did are usually able to cope very well with emotional stress. In addition, they lead a well-balanced professional life. You seem to have enough emotional energy for efficient and personalized work with your clients. Keep up the good work!


1 out of 10
less exhausted more exhausted

You appear to be full of energy needed to deal with the emotional charge of your work. This enables you to absorb and meet daily demands. Your enthusiasm and ability to cope will increase your success dramatically. Good for you for maintaining balance and perspective.


0.5 out of 10
less out of touch more out of touch

No problem was detected at this level. You seem to be very much in touch with the needs of your clients. According to your answers, you are able to provide quality, personalized service. You seem to be aware of your clients' needs and to satisfy them to the best of your ability.


1.5 out of 10
more in control less in control

No troubles here! You seem to be in control of your workload and generally have the feeling that you can manage very well. When things seem to be getting out of control, you put a stop to them immediately. Good for you. You know how to maintain balance in your life, which is a very refreshing and admirable trait.


1 out of 10
less exhausted more exhausted

In general, you seem to be full of life and energy. Keep it up! You tackle your work with an enthusiasm that is hard to come by. Because you value your own time, you are able to bring a balanced and rested self to the workplace.



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