Workplace Stage Fright

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2 out of 10
less afraid of the spotlight more afraid of the spotlight

In terms of wanting to please others, your score indicates that you're not very concerned with the possibility that your success might bring about resentment in others. Standing in the spotlight can raise the question of how our audience is reacting to our performance; we may wonder whether our audience admires us or begrudges. Concerns about being disliked for an outstanding performance are valuable -- they show that we are sensitive to how our actions can affect our audience. On the other hand, feeling overly concerned about the resentment of others from our own successes can actually reduce our ambition and desire to succeed. Your low concern for how others react to your success may reflect strong ambition. So, it is important to realize that your success can alienate some of your peers.


4.5 out of 10
less afraid of the spotlight more afraid of the spotlight

Not too stressed out! You seem moderately concerned with how well you do in the spotlight. You seem somewhat worried about performing well in front of your peers, and of positively representing your gender group. A fear of failure is important, because it motivates us to succeed and give our best effort. On the other hand, too much concern for a good performance can be crippling; it can actually interfere and hamper performance. Your moderate concerns for performance reflect a beneficial concern for success, without being too distraught with the thought of failure.


2 out of 10
less afraid of the spotlight more afraid of the spotlight

Being in the spotlight can also raise concerns about appearance. Our audience judges not only our performance, but also what we're wearing, how good we look, and how we present ourselves. A concern for appearance is important because it reflects an awareness of the implicit rules and norms of our society. But, dwelling on concerns over appearance distracts us from more important issues. Judging from your responses, you don't seem overly concerned with what others think of your appearance. This may reflect a healthy attitude and minimizes the distraction of your own appearance, but it's important to be aware and be respectful of what's appropriate.



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