What's your body language telling him?

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"I wish this night would never end. When's date number two?" Judging from your answers, things are looking good. Read below for the play-by-play, complete with tips and pointers.

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Ooh La La!

There are gonna be fireworks tonight! In this picture, Jessica's body language clearly comunicates an interest in Ben. All of her weight leans toward him. A hand on her hip shows openness and confidence, and offers a generous view of her figure. Jessica's comfortable eye contact with Ben reveals that she's completely engaged in the moment. The way their postures mirror each other expresses undeniable interest. The casual way she touches Ben's wrist breaks down barriers and communicates that she's ready for a night of flirtation and fun!


What's For Dessert?

Judging by Jessica's body language, this date will certainly not be the last. She and Ben are mirroring each other, showing mutual interest and agreement-good vibes all around. Leaning forward quite a bit, Jessica clearly indicates her absorption in the date. The way her chin easily rests on her fist tells Ben that she finds him dynamic and stimulating. Her active hand further demonstrates excitement and involvement. As for her foot - caressing his calf with the toe of your shoe is a sure-fire way to show a guy you're interested!


He's a Keeper!

Jessica is smitten! There's no question in her mind that she wants to see Ben again. This message carries through clearly in her body language. She reveals her interest by the ease with which she leans toward Ben with her chin resting comfortably on her hand. A genuine glowing smile and bright-eyed gaze tell Ben that she's enjoying every minute of their date.


Workin' It!

Plain and simple, Jessica likes Ben. We've got a textbook example here of physical attraction. The entire tilt of her body, the leg contact, the exposed wrist, the tousled hair, the dangling shoe, and the way the elbow, hand, knee and foot are all pointing at Ben, shout "I'm all yours!" No mixed signals here. Mimic these moves to tell a guy you like him without having to say a word.


To Kiss or Not to Kiss

The deciding moment - to kiss or not to kiss. Jessica's foot posture speaks of her uncertainty and eager anticipation. The drastic tilt of her foot, showing a lack of balance or foundation, reflects her wavering mindset. Directly facing Ben and standing close to him reveals how much she might be hoping for a smooch. Although this stance does communicate nervousness, it also sends a fun and flirtatious message.



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